Casey Anthony: A view into the Pro-Choice world

The Casey Anthony case as presented by the prosecution has shined a bright light onto the world view of the “Pro-Choice” movement. Irrespective of  the innocence or guilt of Casey, what was pictured was a callous and immoral disregard for life which placed the desires of the mother above that of the very life of an innocent child.

Know this fact; abortion is taking the life of an innocent human being without due process of law. It may be legal under the umbrella of the Roe-Wade decision, but that does not make it moral, and a reading of the Constitution clearly tells me that abortion is unconstitutional.

The Casey Anthony pro-choice caricature fits to a tee the moral depravity associated with abortion and it’s supporters; a young mother hindered and inconvenienced by a child, in this case a two year old, rather than a child in the womb; the disposal of that child in a bag, similar to the disposal of an aborted child; followed by an attempt to move past the  “event” and lead the life “mom” should have been entitled to.

The trial also pointed out the irony of timing. Had this mother aborted this child, say in the eighth month of pregnancy, then the mother would have been said to have made a “tough”, but proper and moral choice. However, the death took place during the child’s second year of life outside the womb, and the mother was charged with Capital Murder.

Justice in either case is not served; Caylee lies dead as do millions of other children who lacked the wisdom of having not waiting to be born so that at least there would be an attempt at justice. 


3 responses to “Casey Anthony: A view into the Pro-Choice world

  1. From Ed:
    Why would this woman behave any differently in our society?… middle school we told her, in junior high we showed her, in senior high we supported her when she practiced what she had learned middle school through senior high school…..the government is looking out for her since the parents lost control and subsequent interest. She attended school alongside abortions, miscarriages, free condoms, private physical exams for pregnancy and anything the government felt was beneficial for her education in becoming a ward of the state. Remorse for killing a two year old… can she be remorseful when we kill thousands of unborn babies every day?. Maybe it would be easier for the rest of us if we had not see the child’s photos. Personally I hope Mom, the party animal, gets the most ironic form of punishment imaginable.

    The legals had their moment in the spotlight and now it is time for mom to receive her just rewards from our decadent society. She will continue her personal quest for stardom with her sudden windfall wealth. I wish it was over..but it isn’t. Fate has it’s own reward system…guess we will wait and see.

  2. From Ed:
    It’s a good item for debate but the simple hard truth is the %^$@(& prosecutorial staff blew this one. With their OJ Simpson grandstanding….believing their few minutes of grandeur with the “reality TV” public would give them immortality in the Justice Hall of Fame. Now the bitch continues her driving life style fueled with money and notoriety garnished from ‘her’ books, movies and TV rights…..and it only cost the life of one child…..only in America! The witches of Salem had a better trial!

    Wake up people… act like you are preparing for the next extinction event.

    I need to re consider serious drinking.

  3. From David:
    Yep. I haven’t followed this case very much, but I was amazed at the description of Casey Anthony’s behavior. She definitely fits the sociopath profile. Sociopaths are kind of like aliens – they look and act like normal people, but they are not. I’ve heard them described in various ways. One fitting definition is ‘Emotionally Retarded’. Another is simply a person without a conscience. The latter is probably best described in a book called ‘The Sociopath Next Door’. The author claims that about one in twenty of the people you meet are sociopaths. They do not feel remorse for their acts, nor do they feel the prick of conscience prior to acting. Their reasoning is entirely calculated. They often emulate emotion, having to learn the correct behavior while growing up. However, sometimes the emotions are out-of-place due to miscalculation. I became interested in sociopaths because I was extremely curious about Josh’s ex-wife’s behavior. She is one of the four people I am certain are sociopaths. I have suspicions of others, but they are difficult to detect.

    Whether people are wired to be sociopaths is a good question. The author of the book I mentioned claims that there is a hereditary component. However, I am not convinced that it is an involuntary condition in all cases. I read a book called ‘The Rape of Nanking’. The Japanese soldiers appeared to experience no ill effects of conscience, in spite of committing the most vile of atrocities. The same is true of many situations involving warfare and oppression. John McArthur wrote a book called ‘The Vanishing Conscience’ wherein he claimed that we can ‘scar’ our conscience by our own volition, to the point where it fails to operate at all.

    Abortion is the result of vanishing conscience – those who are not complete sociopaths, but do not experience the advice of their still, small voice. Obama is one of the people I know are full-blown sociopaths. I knew that the first time I studied his record and found that he single-handedly fought against the ‘born alive act’ in the Illinois legislature. To put it bluntly, he is a monster. If you study his reactions, his emotional responses, you see all kinds of abnormal behaviors. He doesn’t know how to behave because he’s not human.

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