The captain has abandoned ship

Yes, I did watch the infamous presidential speech on the problem of the debt and deficits.

My immediate impression, and before listening to or reading other more professional opinions? As a speech to Democrats, I thought it was a good speech, a campaign speech hitting all of the salient Democrat hot buttons. But, I was naively expecting a Presidential speech, a policy speech recognizing a serious national threat, and a plan addressing debt in a serious, non-political way.

It was not a Presidential speech, far from it. It was a full-on campaign speech. A speech which said my “way or the highway”, with no hope left for meaningful dialog with a Republican congress offering a budgetary plan.

Ladies and gentlemen, since shortly after the November elections, we have not had a President of these United States of America, nor will we have one until at least 20 January 2013, if then. What we will have, continually, is a Campaigner in Chief. A Campaigner whose major, if not total, focus will be on seeing himself reelected. A major crisis of some sort, either foreign or domestic, would seem to be the only thing that will distract our fearless leader from his mission in life, and even then we should be aware lest he seek personal and political advantage and not waste a serious crisis.

This man, instead of addressing the debt crisis in a serious manner, offered hollow and transparent lies. Does he not know that taxing the rich will not solve the debt crisis? Does he not know that even if he raised the rates to 100%, it would not even begin to solve the problem?  Then why demonize an entire class of people, a class beginning at $250,000/yr.  Does he not know that the DOD conducted a comprehensive pentagon review way back in 2010 in order to find cost savings? Then why is he offering up $400 billion in DOD savings, which will be eaten up at the first significant crisis requiring military presence of action on the part of our military.

Yes, the Captain has abandoned the Ship of State. He has set it adrift headed towards an iceberg of debt that will sink the ship. He has the luxury of sporting off in his magical jumbo jet, doing what he loves best, campaigning and acting like a two-bit dictator, all the while neglecting his role as President and leader of the great nation. 

Ladies and gentlemen of all political stripes, for heavens sake, vote this tyrant out, and all like him.


Don Johnson


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