Hope–A note to myself from 1987

I found this note I had written to myself in 1987. I think it still applies, don’t you?

We live in extremely perilous times. Reading the daily newspaper gives the impression that there is little hope in this world.

We have wars in many parts of the world and the threat of the ultimate war that would wipe out all of mankind.  The continent of Africa is virtually on fire with war, rebellion and famine from top to bottom, East to West. We have new and incurable diseases diseases. Treason is common place in our country. Drugs are taking a heavy toll in all segments of our society. Government takes beating after beating with one scandal after another. We hear that the earth is warming, and that our sea shores will rise and devastate costal cities. Earthquakes are said to be more frequent in recent years than ever before. We are told over and over again of our ancestry  being an accidental worm from some primordial ooze. Commitment in the form of long lasting marriage with love seems less common than ever before.

What is the purpose of the local Christian Church in the midst of all of this hopelessness?  To provide a haven of refuge. A place where hope is not dead, but alive with the living God. Jesus said, “I have come to give you life”. It is this hope, the knowledge that God loves us that is the primary purpose of the Church; to proclaim in word and deed that hope is in the Lord God, and apart from Him, there is no hope.

Don Johnson 2-27-1987


5 responses to “Hope–A note to myself from 1987

  1. JoAnne Mydland Barstad

    Wow, Don! You were certainly “in tune” then, and now! What was true in 1987, is even more intensely true now, 24 years later! Thanks for sharing this with us also who are not on facebook. The word “hope” always points me in the direction of praying “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth…”
    I regard you as a Watchman on the Wall, declaring to a sleepy world “Wake UP!”

  2. When I wrote that note in 1987, we were still faced with the very real and dangerous threat of worldwide Communist domination, if not total nuclear war. As were many others of us in that generation, I was greatly relieved by the collapse of the Soviet Union. A dreadful era of massive destruction, death and slavery, the worst in human history, was behind us. Like many parents, I was greatly relieved that my children would probably escape war, and would not themselves have to go to war.
    But alas, here we are again, perhaps at the leading edge of something as horrible as the Socialism of the 20’th century. I see Islam as the up and coming threat to world liberty and peace, and don’t care to participate in the game of isolating the threat to “Radical Islam”. In Nazi Germany, there were few, by percentages, who were members of the Nazi Party. In the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere, the percentages of actual Communist Party membership are estimated to be around 5%. And yet, on the order of one hundred million people died because of that small percentage. Islam will be no different, all we have to do is look at the radical and almost universal hatred of Israel and the Jew in the Muslim/Arab nations, to see the potential.
    I don’t see the younger generations coming down the line being taught of the brutal reality wrought by socialism in its many forms, Nazism, Communism, Fascism etc. Otherwise we would not see the continued and prominent presence of these world views in high places in America. Nazi Germany is held out as the poster boy of evil, and the Communist reign of terror is greatly subdued in the telling of history. But the root of both is socialism.
    Many throughout history have seen America as “a shining city on a hill”. We are losing that vision in our generation, and our current President has refused to take on the title of mayor of that city, perhaps first to do so. We must turn this around, else face the ugly consequences that will unfold.


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    And read the comments as well. Somewhere I read “There is nothing new under the sun.”

  4. Ronald Vander Griend

    A true Christian looks at the world thru a different lens. The lens is the truth of God’s word which points to Christ. Therefore as many are shaken with fear of whats going on in this world the true Christian’s become excited. The opposite of the world. The true Christian understands the conditions of the world and knows in his heart these are things prophesied as this is the type of condition the world would look like upon the soon return of Christ!!!

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