cowboy poetry festival

So Senator Harry Reid is concerned that his Northern Nevada Cowboy Poetry Festival is threatened by a potential defunding of NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts.

What he should be concerned about is the national debt that will destroy this nation as we know it, if not brought under control. Doesn’t this sham on Reid’s part disqualify him as a leader of consequence? Shouldn’t Democrats denounce this man and the party leaders that are driving all of us to the cliff of national bankruptcy. 

Debt does kill nations, and we have a huge debt problem in this nation. Democrats (and some Republicans) please!!!!  take a close look at the budget problems we are facing at the city, state and national levels. And, the problem is not a new problem caused by the great recession of 2008, and it shouldn’t be laid conveniently at the feet of President Bush. I recall the budget problems that the city of San Diego was/is having with deficits, largely caused by unfunded pension and health care plans for city civil workers. My son was born in Vallejo CA, and I remember that city going into bankruptcy.

Back to Mr. Reid’s rant about the cowboy poets, take a look at some of these festivals around the country. Are they funded by NPR etc., or are they privately funded? If you go to the  ice carving site in Fairbanks, and look at their sponsor list, you will find private funding.

Mr. Reid, shame on you and your dangerous, dangerous, dangerous misdeeds. For once, look to the good of the nation and do the right thing, do your job and cut the budget!

2010 Main St and Black Hills Rider Pictures


Melinda Tuhus Photo

Evel Knievel



International Festival of Arts & Ideas



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