Weakness Invites Aggression

In his magnificent new memoir “Known and Unknown”, Donald Rumsfeld reminds us that “weakness invites aggression”, and sites a number of examples where this was the case.

Could it be that much of the turmoil we are seeing in the Arab world is another case of weakness inviting aggression? Can a case be made for such a cause and effect in this instance?

In the beginning two years of the Obama administration,  and indeed in the campaign run up to the election, the President has projected an aura of weakness; in particular among the Muslim world. He has projected weakness in his dealings with long standing allies such as Great Britain. He is distancing the United States from Israel; witness his humiliation of Prime Minister Netanyahu  in the White House, and the recent pronouncements in the U.N. regarding building in the West Bank. Again, projecting American weakness by standing against, rather than with,  a valued ally.

The Arab dictators in the North African region have, and are, falling to mass protests and riots, perhaps in part because it is known that America will not make a stand one way or the other, but will test the winds before making pronouncements.

America is also showing weakness by reckless spending policies which drive up the national debt and thus weaken the nation. 

Could it be that the Presidents hostile actions regarding Arizona’s plea for help in border enforcement, project a form of internal weakness? It is now known that Hezbollah is working with the drug cartels in Mexico, which makes me wonder what, besides drugs, are being sent across the border.

President Obama has “reset” American foreign policy, what will we reap from this?

What say you?






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