The best job in the world!

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Sunday, July 25, 2010 3:50:11 PM

I’ve often said that the best jobs in the world are held by the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have the privilege and opportunity to bring liberty and opportunity to millions.

My heart was warmed the other night when an Iraqi War Marine veteran confirmed this from a very personal viewpoint. You may remember the scene, it was in Bagdad, and the statue of Saddam Hussein was being toppled by jubilant Iraqi citizens. Also present was an American M1-A1 tank with a cigar chewing marine on the turret. His name is Staff Sgt. Nick Popaditch and he became known as the Cigar Marine.

Sgt Popaditch in now running for congress in the 51’st district in Southern California (my old stomping grounds), and was being interviewed by Roger Hedgecock. Roger asked the sergeant about his memories of the event, and he recalled that the event of “seeing the faces of people who were seeing liberty for the first time ever changed my life and motivated me to continual service to my country (my paraphrase here).”

I rest my case.



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