Some Norwegian treats for the pallet

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Sunday, February 06, 2011 5:20:05 AM

Norway is a place to tease all of the senses, from the beauty of the fjords and fjells, the smells of the flowers and pastures, the touch of the lambs fleece, the sounds of the rushing streams and waterfalls. However, it is winter here now, and some of these pleasures are muted while waiting tor the spring.
The pleasures of Norway in winter are brought into the home with a cozy fire in the fireplace, much company with family laughing and talking, and of course the food. Let me share (drooling will be permitted here) some of the winter treats we are experiencing, and my apologies for omitting many other treats from many other fine hosts:
We arrived late from the airport, so at 3 AM we are enjoying a snack of cheeses and marzipan cake.
A dinner at Tante Ruth’s is an adventure in eating pleasure, she always pleases with her array of tastes; steamed cauliflower and broccoli, very tender and tasty pork ribs, red cabbage and more.
Dinner at cousin Ruth’s house in the heart of picturesque downtown Egersund, a seaside Norwegian town and commercial center. Ruth’s daughter Cecelia put together a smørgesbørg variety of traditional Norwegian treats.
Dinner at Ranghild and Olaf started with a smooth white chowder with many tasty morsels of baby shrimp caught by Olaf on his boat in the North Sea. This was followed by large fresh caught Norwegian lobsters. What a treat this was, along with the enjoyment of the company of four other couples, cousins all.
And of course our hosts as always, Anne Elise and Øyvind, have provided us a continued array of foods to get us through the day. The highlight being the traditional Christmas Eve meal of lamb chops made in the traditional way of drying and salting, and served with an array of side dishes. Quite satisfying and tasty. Another treat here was the Christmas Day meal of Tørsk, a very tender and light Cod from the North
Did I get your attention? And, this was not all, since I missed some of the pleasures because of a stomach that seemed to be rebelling against such good things; Diana can fill in these blanks


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