Falling in love with Sarah – Part 2

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Monday, October 25, 2010 6:56:03 AM

I’ve just finished reading “Going Rogue”, and as I suspected, the reading warrants at least two, if not three segments. In the first part, which I’ve reported previously, I’ve discovered Sarah Palin the person, the woman, the wife, the mother and the concerned citizen. In the first segment, I’ve discovered a person of immense and deep integrity. Now I will report on the remainder of her autobiography, from her selection as Vice Presidential candidate, through the campaign, her, resignation as Governor of Alaska, and her vision for the future.

Sarah’s accounts of the campaign are interesting and personal, but a bit tedious. I was relieved to finally get through this porting of the book.

What happened to Palin, and to Alaska following the campaign are quite disturbing, but not at all unexpected given the nature of politics, and the politics of personal destruction. The Governors enemies set out to destroy her, and her governorship by launching an unrelenting series of accusations and charges of misconduct. None of these charges had any merit, but each and every one of them required time and money to respond to and defend, both on a personal level, and also from the coffers of the Alaska treasury . The government of Alaska was being hamstrung by these charges, and in effect Governor Palin was finding herself neutered by these tactics. She finally concluded that for the good of the people of Alaska she would have to resign.

Resignation most likely would be the kiss of death as far as any future political aspirations were concerned, but there seemed to be little choice in the matter.

The left was quick to criticize her decision to resign, and now she was being savaged for doing the right thing. Resignation was the right thing to do, and for the right reasons; the good of Alaska and the citizens of Alaska.

When condemning this woman for quitting, shouldn’t we then ascribe the same condemnation to Barak Obama? Did not he effectively resign from his U.S. Senate seat on the very day he was sworn in, as he began his quest for the Presidency?


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