Arizona: Another speech I have written for President Obama

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Friday, May 07, 2010 11:27:11 AM

The scene is the White House Oval Office, with President Obama speaking to the American people.

My fellow Americans, I am speaking tonight on an issue of great importance to this great American republic.

Tomorrow morning I will be traveling to Arizona to meet with the Governor of the great state of Arizona, its legislature, and U.S. citizens living along the Mexican border who are most affected by the growing violence along that border. The Arizona government has seen fit to pass a new law to address this problem.

I view this action by the state of Arizona as a wakeup call, and an embarrassing indictment of the federal governments’ failure to protect U.S. citizens from harm emanating from a foreign nation.

I will review the situation there first hand, and will put into place all necessary actions required to protect the citizens of the border states from further harm. Such actions may include placing U.S. troops along the border, and treating illegal actions initiated by foreign nationals as a military threat to the nation as a whole.

Our republic is one built as a federal system where federal and state governments and citizens have rights and privileges as outlined by our constitution. One of the primary responsibilities of the federal government is to protect the sovereignty of the nation as a whole, and the various states which make up the republic.

Please pray for me as I tackle this very serious situation, and may God bless the Unitied States of America.


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