A no-cost way to improve education in America, history at least

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Saturday, June 12, 2010 12:05:46 PM

Glenn Beck has started a series on his show called "Founders’ Fridays". In these shows he highlights the founders of the nation. He usually does this by featuring biographies of the subjects, and where possible he brings in a couple of historians/authors of these biographies for a discussion, which includes a live audience.

To date Beck has featured:

. George Whitefield, a revolutionary ware period preacher.

. Samuel Adams, a man of great faith, and although very poor, was a great inspiration during the founding.

. George Washington

. Black founders, an especially good episode which highlighted a number of unknown and forgotten blacks who played significant roles in the revolution, and following.

. Benjamin Franklin.

It was not that many years ago that I realized that I knew very little about the founders of my country. I knew a lot about Reagan, who I admired greatly and read much about. I knew a lot about Lincoln, and read a lot about him. But what about Washington; Adams, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, and others?

I started out to correct this large hole in my historical knowledge long before Beck came on the scene, but the task is huge, and the hole is large. I don’t know if I was dumbed down or not by the schools, but I know that I was quite ignorant about such an important subject, and have been trying to catch up.

Glenn Beck coming on the scene has been a breath of fresh air, and provides an interesting and entertaining way to catch up on a lot of history in one hour a week.

If you are like me, and feel you need to learn more American history, or if you have kids, especially high school age, I urge you to take a look at "Founders’ Fridays". Record it if you can, and I thing you can also access it at his web site.




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