Porching in New england

Posted by The Real Don Johnson on Monday, September 21, 2009 10:18:17 AM

Of the many sporting activities available in New England, porching has become our favorite.

The rules of porching are simple:(1) pull up a chair on the front porch. (2) Get your favorite beverage appropriate for the time (coffee, Coke, wine etc). (3) Enjoy the neighborhood activities and sites, especially the people walking past your porch. You get lots of points for such things as moms and dads walking or pushing kids down the sidewalk in a stroller, the cuter the kids, the more points you get.(4) Talk to the people walking past your porch, even though they may not want to talk back to you (this is seldom the case, so don’t worry).(5) Enjoy the seasons as they unfold before your eyes. Actually you don’t have to do this in one porching session, break it up into as many as required to fully appreciate this.(6) Make up your own rules, such as chalk drawing on the sidewalk.(7) The concept of winners and losers does not apply to porching, since all there are only winers.

Extended porching is fun also. This is very easy in New England, all you have to do is take a walk through the woods, or a drive through the countryside. The following are a few of the extended porching events we’ve had recently.

Driving to Costco by taking some of the back roads. Lot’s of "Oooo … Lookies" when done this way, such as seeing the many beautiful homes and yards.

Taking a walk through the park and seeing a bunch of turtles sunning on the fallen logs (I think this is their version of porching).

Driving to a dairy farm where they make their own fresh ice cream.

Driving to a huge orchard and picking your own peaches, apples and pears. You can also get lost here in a maze of sunflowers. Don’t worry though, because all you have to do is look across an absolutely beautiful 20 acres or so of sunflowers to get your bearings. Have you ever in your life been totally surrounded by flowers? Don’t worry about being too short, Grandpa will put you on his shoulders I’m sure, so you too can see. This is quite a maze, and we met some folks who had been wandering around lost since April.

Walking to the village farmers market and getting some fresh picked corn on the cob and small red potatoes, and a loaf of fresh multi-grain bread.

Driving to Mystic, a delightful Connecticut sea coast village with lots of touristy kinds of things, and yummy New England Chowder.

Neighborhood "soup". This is a winter activity where a bunch of the neighbors get together on a Sunday evening for nice hot soup.

Walking through the Yale campus, a beautiful Ivy League university in the heart of New Haven.

Walking to the grandkids house. A special blessing when living in the same neighborhood.

Walking to the grandkids school and bringing them to Grandma’s house for after school snacks.

We like porching


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