The Two Party System

Posted by            The Real Don Johnson on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 7:10:28 PM

I love the American two party system, it has for the most part served us well. It’s just a DAMN shame, and a great pity, that one of them has to be the Democrat Party.

What the Democrats are doing to lead us to defeat is a something that should be disdained by every clear thinking American, even those that may have an affiliation with this bankrupt political party.

It would seem that these folks that abandoned millions to death and slavery in South East Asia in the 70’s are at it again. With the same predictable results

Is it that hard to figure out the consequences of  the US being driven out of Iraq by the Democrat controlled House and Senate? Do you think it will be long before Afghanistan is lost as well, and probably Pakistan to the East?

It doesn’t take a sea going corporal to figure it out, there will be a blood bath in the middle east of a huge magnitude. Oh well, we all know that our real enemy is George Bush.

Democrats, please look at something more than the 25 cent solution, a quarter mile wide and a quarter inch deep.

More to follow…


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