The great potential for mischief in the “Plan”

Posted by            The Real Don Johnson on Thursday, February 26, 2009 10:45:33 PM

I am beginning to fear greatly the harm that this man, our president

can do to our country. Please, inform yourself, and don’t be afraid to

hear a view what may be contrary to what you think is going on.

Listen to the dreaded “Right Wing Talk Show” hosts such as Rush

Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Dennis Pregger, Hugh Hewitt and others. You

might find them to be quite informative, and actually concerned about

the fate of our nation.


I took my first look at the “Stimulus” bill the other night, and have

intentions to dig into it deeper. From what I see so far, and with

many years of working as a Government contractor, I can see that we

are in for one gigantic mess. First of all, the money is to be doled

out to Government agencies, and all of the red tape that’s involved.

My first concern is that we will have a bunch of opportunists, both in

and out of the Government, lurching for the easy pickings of a massive

pot of gold, much like the gold rush days. Those that can work the

system (and believe me there are many), will prey on the easy

pickings. The Government will not have enough employees to handle this

massive flood of new “opportunities”, and will have to go on a hiring

spree, as well as re-hiring retired Government workers (this is

spelled out in the bill). So, many of the new jobs will go to those

who will administer the contracts. Under the guise of “Transparency

and Accountability”, the plan also has provisions for requiring weekly


What army of federal bureaucrats is going to wade thru this massive

amount of paperwork, and to what purpose? Will it stimulate anything productive?

And what army of bureaucrats is going to enforce the abuses (real and

manufactured) that will arise from this? Why oh why was this published

one night close to midnight, and voted on the next day? This is an

insane (or

worse) way to run a government.


I have seen first hand fraud and waste within one of the most

respected military labs in the country, so don’t ever get the idea

that Government can be trusted, it can’t. As Ronald Regan said,

“Government is not the solution to our problem, Government is the



There is a reason why we have the governmental structure we have. The

founders knew and understood that Government can not, and should not

be trusted. Thus they set up a Federal system with political powers

divided between the states and the federal government; three branches

of government, with divided powers; a bill of rights to assure that

the peoples God given rights are not trampled by an out of control



I have faith in this system, and it has been quite sturdy over the years.

However, we must be vigilant in protecting our liberties, especially

in times like this where executive and legislative powers are

concentrated in one party and world view, and the danger that the

judicial system could also shift in the same direction. Couple that

with the main stream media that has been in love and actively

promoting the new president, during the campaign, and now following

the inauguration. There is now talk of invoking the “Fairness

Doctrine”, which would be a blatant trampling of the first amendment

of free political speech.


Yes folks, I am truly concerned about the future of this Greatest

nation on God’s Green Earth.


Get engaged. Inform yourselves. Vote. And lastly, don’t drink the cool

aide no matter the eloquence and charisma of he who is mixing it.


Don Johnson


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