Do we still have freedoms?

Posted by            The Real Don Johnson on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 7:26:49 PM

At a neighborhood gathering a neighbor claimed that there is no longer freedom in this country. A rather extreme statement, but apparently sincerely believed. I got thinking about this and offer this in rebuttal:

On one of our local streets we often see Jewish worshippers walking to their place of worship; there seems to be no readily observable hinderance to them doing so.


On that same street, we attend our Baptist church; again, no hinderance at all in our doing so.


On the way to our dentist, we drive by a mosque; it’s still open as far as we can tell.


There is a Catholic church not far from either of these.


I spend a fair amount of time in bookstores where I see magazines and books representing just about any point of view you can imagine.


I get the daily newspaper, and often see articles supporting goverment policies, and in the same paper articles that oppose the same policies.


We can freely travel from state to state with no restrictions, and travel abroad with minimal hastle.


I can go the local gun store or gun show and buy a gun with only reasonable background checks.


I can assemble before, and petition my government on issues that concern me.

I can freely vote at all levels of government and thus influence the direction of my city, state and country.

I can live wherever I can afford to, and work wherever I am qualified to work.

I listen to talk radio and hear from those on the right, and those on the left (for some reason, those on the right far out number those on the left in this free marketplace of ideas).

I am free to post to this blog and others without fear of jail.

Yes, I still believe that this is the greatest and most free nation on God’s green Earth.


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