Some post election thoughts

The election is over now, and the Democrats have their so called mandate on Iraq, and life promises to be well from now on.
Well, here is my view and hope. The Democrats in congress who have had the luxury of speaking out from a point of no responsibility, now own the war along with the administration, and from now on must act in a responsible way towards it’s solution – on our terms, and not our enemies terms.
They must now come to grips with their loose, irresponsible, constant and almost total attacks and obstruction. These attacks have been harmful in our quest to stop the onslaught of militant Islamic thought and action, and will have real and disastrous consequences if continued.  They must now realize and admit that George W. Bush is not the enemy. On the contrary he stands out as one who has seen a gathering threat, and has had the courage and wisdom to stand against it.
Friends, it looks to me that we may very well be in a position the world  faced in the late 30’s with the gathering threat of Nazi Germany and it’s declared intent to dominate the world. Likewise, the growing threat of international Communism that declared it’s intent to impose it’s tyrannical will across the world. Both of these evil regimes declared their intent, and both attempted to achieve their goals. Both failed with catastrophic results for millions.  If I’ve learned nothing else about history, it is that truly evil world views and the tyrants that spring up around them come on the world scene all to often. The latest of these is Islam. Make no mistake about it my friends, the current president of Iran (and others) has declared his intention of wiping Israel off the map, and destroying Western Civilization.  He will try, mark my words. He will try and he will fail, unfortunately with truly catastrophic results.  Remember folks, he is on the verge of having nuclear weapons, and has declared his intentions.
What to do about all of this?  Quit trying to destroy our Commander in Chief, because when you do that you are in effect undermining our troops and enhancing the enemies chance of victory by default. If you are a Democrat, get behind and support this Commander in Chief and demand that your representatives do the same. Stop the day by day slander of this American president and listen to statesmen like Joe Lieberman who has the courage of his convictions, and will support an unpopular president, even one from the opposite party. Work to change the words and actions of the leadership of your party from appearing to be a propaganda ministry for an enemy. Work to change those words and actions to bring honor to our mission. George Bush is not your enemy, we have real enemies in the a violent world, but George Bush is not one of them.
There are many web sites out there to support whatever view you may take, and of course I have my own favorites.  Victor Davis Hanson has become one of my favorites, and just recently, in fact in the wee morning hours of election day, I happened to hear a radio interview with  Orson Scott Card. I invite you to hear what they have to say, and above all I ask you to study and come to an informed understanding what kind of a future we may be facing.
We are all Americans, let’s unite together as one.

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